Ashley Sandor Sidon, cellist

Zenith Chamber Music Festival | Drake University, Des Moines, IA

This festival is dedicated to highlighting professional musicians from across the globe as well as local artists. The mission and goals of the festival include:

1) Enhancing arts in the community through innovative programming.
2) Offering performances in diverse, unique, and intimate venues.
3) Collaborating with area educators to provide interactive community outreach.
4) Building strong community ties through creative partnerships with local and regional businesses.
5) Celebrating the arts by bringing world-renowned artists to the area to perform for and alongside local artists.

While Drake University is a principal partner in providing facilities for rehearsals, master classes, and concerts, the festival is a free community event that focuses on bringing classical music to various venues for Des Moines audiences and relies on significant patron response and business sponsorship. The structure of the festival, which includes both highly regarded professional musicians and selected aspiring professionals, also provides opportunities for mentoring young artists.